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Managing Long Term Conditions is a significant burden for individuals involved and a significant expense to Health Services.  The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom spends over £72 billion every year on taking care of people with Long Term Conditions.

CLINITOUCH telehealth helps people to stay at home supporting them in better self management.  As well as empowering individuals in understanding their condition, it allows for remote clinical monitoring of medical conditions by healthcare professionals providing an early notification of deterioration.  This allows clinicians to review patients as regularly as they like without making more house visits, improving
quality of life and avoiding hospital admissions.

CLINITOUCH telehealth enables individuals to receive personalised care through an easy to use monitored electronic system at a time of their choosing, in a location of their choice.  The results and user feedback are astounding.

At Spirit we can work to ensure that integrating technology into local health services is a positive experience, for both healthcare professionals and service users, bringing our extensive experience

Reference: Ghosh et al. March 2016. Combined interventions for COPD admissions within an urban setting.


telehealth - CLINITOUCH outcomes




CLINITOUCH telehealth service redesign

Service Redesign.
We can help you model your current pathway using real time data.  We can then look at the effect of changes on this pathway – including CLINITOUCH – to show both potential outcomes and savings.  Once a revised pathway is agreed we will work with you to integrate the pathway with all stakeholders.

CLINITOUCH telehealth patient engagement

Patient Engagement.
A key success factor in our previous experience is selecting clinically appropriate individuals and keeping them engaged. Our Clinical Services team help you identify suitable individuals, find ways to refer them into the program and provide ongoing support to maintain engagement.

CLINITOUCH telehealth implementation support

Implementation support
Our Project Management Team will support roll-out, monitor progress and evaluate the project. Our Clinical Services team will train staff on CLINITOUCH to flag interventions, tailor vital sign settings and produce reports to track trends.

CLINITOUCH telehealth supply

We can either supply the equipment and support you in delivering the service (with a fully managed support package).  If you prefer, through our clinical team, we can manage the service for you integrating,into your existing pathways for maximum effect.

Full technical support
We have a 24/7 freephone service that is non-automated.  A real person will answer the phone at any time of the day or night to ensure that you and your patients get access to technical support when you need it.

CLINITOUCH telehealth qaulity assurance and governance

Quality Assurance and Governance
It goes without saying that we operate to the highest standards. Fully auditable system, intergrates with NHS information systems, and conforms to all appropriate information governance and security standards.

CLINITOUCH the complete telehealth package


CLINITOUCH is a proven Telehealth system tried and tested for over 15 years.

Key features include:

  • Video conferencing- allowing real time interaction between an individual and a clinician
  • Mobile Connectivity – no need for broadband or hard wiring
  • Simple to use software – allowing clinicians and individuals to work easily
  • User Friendly – large touch screens, voice aided instructions
  • Suitable for multiple users
  • Wide range of peripherals – for COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Stroke, Co-Morbid Individuals
  • Ability to monitor peoples understanding of their condition
  • Clinical results are transmitted automatically into the software
    – omitting user error
CLINITOUCH Patient Monitoring direct video consultation

Leicester Partnership NHS Trust COPD Poster Click here.