Medlance Safety Lancets


Medlance Plus safety lancets have ultra-sharp needles, which are ideally positioned during skin penetration to provide adequate blood flow. Available in four versions, Medlance plus safety lancets can be used for most needs and are extremely easy to use.

With a self-destructing component activating after use, Medlance plus safety lancets cannot be re-used, dramatically reducing the risk of needle-stick injury.

Medlance plus

Twist off the protective cap and then pull the cap straight out

Medlance plus

Press the Medlance plus safety lancet firmly against the puncture site to activate the device. Dispose of the used lancet in an approved sharps container.

Medlance plus

Gently apply intermittent pressure near the puncture site to obtain the desired blood sample. Please remember to dispose of your used Medlance plus safety lancet in an appropriate manner, such as a sharps bin.


Specialising in adult care safety lancets, Medlance plus safety lancets are available in 4 different point configurations and penetration depths to suit almost all needs. The range of Medlance plus safety lancets includes the Medlance plus Lite, giving the smallest blood sample of the series, along with the Medlance plus Universal and Medlance plus Extra, providing larger blood samples. Medlance plus Special  has been uniquely designed with a blade to provide the largest blood sample within the range

If you are looking for Safety Lancets of different gauges and lengths, take a look at our Sterilance range!

(pack of 200)
Medlance plus Lite 25 1.5 £11.40
Medlance Plus Universal 21 1.8 £11.40
Medlance Plus Extra 21 2.5 £11.40
Medlance Plus Special 0.8
2.0 £11.40

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