A8 BuddyBand2

£69.99 inc. VAT

Waterproof Activity and Sleep Tracker

  • 3 Coloured Wrist Straps (Black, Blue and Pink) and Belt Clip Accessory (Black) included.
  • Multiple notifications: alarms, inactivity, messages, text, email.
  • Waterproof to 2m. Use in aqua aerobics and outdoor sports.
  • No batteries – charge using USB cable. Full charge lasts up to 7 days
  • Synchronises via App to Apple Health
  • Uploads data to Free Activ8rlives4 App (iOS 10 or higher and Android 5 or higher) with Bluetooth 4.0.

Product Description


Activ8rlives BuddyBand2 is a wearable activity tracker which is waterproof to a depth of 2m for 30 minutes, with 3 axis accelerometers (records motion to record activity levels), 24-hour time, upgradable firmware (for automatic updates), notifications for emails, social media calls and more. This simple yet powerful activity tracker measures your physical activity and calculates your energy expenditure in calories, the distance you have walked or run and the total active time during each day — especially useful as part of an exercise schedule, overall health and wellbeing or weight loss programme.

The BuddyBand2 activity tracker has several innovative notification features which include:

  • Text, Email, Voice, Calendar, Social Media, and Incoming Phone call;
  • an Inactivity Alarm to alert you by vibration to get up and get moving after a chosen amount of time;
  • programmable Alarms (x3) to remind you of other routine events during your day;
  • Custom Trackers can be recorded with two taps of the touch sensor.

Upload data to the Activ8rlives FREE Smartphone App via Bluetooth 4.0. By incorporating the power of the Activ8rlives BuddyBand2, Activ8rlives4 App and the Activ8rlives online account, you can continue to set yourself goals, receive achievement medals, form groups, send and post messages to your group members to stay motivated and rewarded.


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