A8 Pulse Oximeter2

£49.99 inc. VAT

Bluetooth finger pulse oximeter.

  • Non-invasive measure of oxygen saturation of blood (SpO2), pulse rate and Perfusion Index (PI) through index finger
  • Simple device to track your pulmonary & cardiovascular function
  • Requires Bluetooth 4.0. iOS 10 higher or above & select Android 5.0 or higher
  • Uploads data to our free Activ8rlives4 App (requires iOS 10 or Android 5.0)
  • Activ8rlives 4 App integrates with Apple’s Health App (HealthKit).

Product Description


The Activ8rlives Pulse Oximeter2 Bluetooth is a non-invasive method allowing you to monitor the saturation of oxygen in your blood (SpO2). The Pulse Oximeter2 sensor is placed on the fingertip to measure this. This Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter is a simple device which allows you to monitor aspects of your cardiovascular and pulmonary functions-especially if you have respiratory conditions – and want to monitor your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

The Activ8rlives Pulse Oximeter2 used with our App helps you understand how your cardiovascular and pulmonary functions can change throughout the week, during periods of ill health or as you change your weight and activity levels alongside other key data (e.g. Blood Pressure, Temperature, Activity and Weight). All data is stored in the UK. Activ8rlives fully complies with EU Privacy and Data Protection Laws.