TEE2+ Blood Glucose Meter



Product Description


• Accuracy to ISO 15197:2015 standards1
• Bluetooth functionality
• SmartLog compatable helping people manage their condition
• Small blood sample required
• 5 second test time
• Auto coding minimises errors
• Downloads to Diasend
• Stores 1,000 readings (conforming to current DVLA requirements)
• Strip expiration date indicator
• 1, 7, 14, 30, 90 day test averaging tool (total, pre/post meal)
• Large, clear screen

Customer support line, FREEPHONE 24/7: 0800 881 5423

Please check when ordering that you are selecting the correct test strips for your meter.

Customers may only order any one blood glucose meter. We may contact you requesting additional information. If you would like to order multiple meters please contact us.


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