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We are committed to supplying the highest quality products in a way that ensures appropriate people get access to them. All our products pass Spirit Healthcare quality tests and international standards whilst offering genuine value to patients. As part of our comittment to you we offer support across all of our products and services; if there is anything you cannot find on this page please give us a call.


By registering your blood glucose meter you will activate your 5 year warranty.

CareSens Dual

Owner’s booklet for your CareSens Dual blood glucose meter with important information and instructions

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Tee2 Plus_FRONT

TEE2 owner’s manual – Owner’s booklet for your TEE2 blood glucose meter with important information and instructions.

PDF Download

CareSens N Blood Glucose Meter

CareSens N owner’s manual – Owner’s booklet with important information and instructions for the CareSens N blood glucose monitoring system.

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CareSens N POP

CareSens N POP owner’s manual – Owner’s booklet quick guide with important information and instructions for the CareSens N POP blood glucose monitoring system.

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CareSens N voice

CareSens N Voice owner’s manual – Owner’s booklet with important information and instructions for the CareSens N Voice blood glucose monitoring system.

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SmartLog Software

SmartLog is a management software that downloads data from CareSens N and TEE2 blood glucose meters helping patients and healthcare professionals manage their diabetes. The program is user-friendly and suitable for Windows-based PC software.

NOTE: You will need a USB cable to connect your device to you computer. Click here to purchase your cable.

You will also need to change units from mg/dL to mmol/L

You can also connect your TEE2+ or CareSens Dual meter with the SmartLog app on your phone.

Click on the relevant meter to you to find out how to pair your meter with the app

SmartLog Quick Guide

A quick guide for using SmartLog to upload your blood glucose meter results

SmartLog user instructions

One page instructions for using SmartLog

USB driver

USB cable driver.

Note: you will only need to download this if asked to by Spirit Healthcare Customer services team.

Log book

Small log book for the control of blood glucose readings.

Understanding diabetes booklet

A booklet explaining the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and the relationship between insulin or medication, diet and exercise.

Advice about healthy eating

Very often, particularly after diagnosis, people feel confused about the advice they are given about healthy eating. This booklet provides an introduction to counting carbohydrates and is a stepping stone to learning more about diet and diabetes.

EMPOWER patient log book

If you have been invited or have attended an EMPOWER structured diabetes education course, you can find support materials below.



Insupen Patient Information

Information about Insupen pen needles and why they might be right for you.

InsuJet Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for administering insulin using InsuJet.

If you are using InsuJet the following videos and instruction manual will help you to prepare your device and administer your insulin.


Ambulight PDT Multi manual

Instruction for use