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People with long term conditions such as respiratory disease and heart failure can better manage their conditions at home the more they understand them and the more they are empowered to do so.

CLINITOUCH is a proven telehealth system tried and tested for over 15 years. It delivers improvements in peoples conditions and quality of life whilst reducing hospital admissions. CLINITOUCH also enables existing nurse teams to care effectively for more patients at the same time.

Patient self-confidence with their condition is supported through:

  • Educational questions and videos
  • Feedback on health status
  • Direct video conference link to healthcare professionals
  • Confidence through knowledge of connected healthcare support
  • Personalisation of management plans


Diabetes education has been shown to reduce longer term complications of diabetes and make people feel more confident in day to day self management.

EMPOWER is a national, structured diabetes education programme designed to help people with Type 2 Diabetes understand what diabetes is, the effect it has on their body and how to make small, achievable changes to the food they eat and their everyday life.

Spirit Healthcare employs a specialist team of dedicated educators and experienced administrators to:

  • Manage the referral process, with a dedicated 24/7 support line for patients
  • Deliver the EMPOWER course across a range of community venues – during the week, in the evening and at the weekend
  • Collect and review key clinical and quality of life metrics pre and post course

Suitable for up to 15 people per session, the EMPOWER programme is a single four-hour course designed to maximise uptake and completion rates, whilst delivering great outcomes!

EMPOWER is QISMET certified. QISMET’s Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME) Quality Standard is a way for providers to demonstrate they meet relevant national
criteria, including the NICE Guidelines (e.g. NG28).