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Few would argue that finding ways to reduce hospital admissions and relieve pressure on A&E are desperately needed. The National Health Service (NHS) is struggling to cope with the increase in people with long term conditions when their condition exacerbates. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Respiratory Disease (COPD) guidance makes clear that “care should be delivered by a multi-disciplinary team”1 – integrating hospital and community based care and empowering patients to be more proactive in managing their care from the comfort of their own homes.

Keeping people out of hospital is a good thing. Being treated at home when possible gives the best outcomes. It is also usually the least expensive way to care for someone.

CLINITOUCH is a proven telehealth system tried and tested for over 15 years. It delivers improvements in peoples conditions and quality of life whilst reducing hospital admissions. CLINITOUCH also enables existing nurse teams to care effectively for more patients at the same time.

In Leicester we had just over 70 patients as a pilot programme (mean number of patients 54)2. Patients reported feeling empowered over their own treatment. Clinical staff felt they could manage a wider caseload and 222 unplanned admissions were reduced to 74. That’s a reduction of 148 averted admissions and admissions per head were down from 3.29 to 1.02 per year. This translated to QIPP savings of £243k (£117k net savings) to the CCG and additional savings to the provider trust in excess of that.

Clinitouch COPD




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